look for the dream that keeps coming back

It's your destiny

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I went to the mall to pick up my bridesmaids dress today. I also bought the boyfriends gifts, though they may be a bit big, and I bought myself two crop tops

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This game is fucking ridiculous. I knew the possibility was slim but I really wanted Brazil to win.

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I think I’m going to take my dad up on his offer of being his art manager and put all his paintings on Etsy to sell. I should do the same on ebay with the million jeans that we don’t wear that my mom brought home but I want them all, so that’s a different issue.

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Such an interesting day today. World Cup breakfast party with my cousins at my house in the morning. Then went to our family friends who I hadn’t seen in years because they live right next to the high school where the fireworks are and I guess one of their parents, an old grandpa lives with them and he apparently knew my grandma and said that I look like her and I almost started crying. Then my friend and I went to the armenian Navasartian games to watch our other friend who plays basketball. I literally haven’t gone to that event in years, like at least 6/7 years. But it was fun and I saw a bunch of people I know which was fun. Good day today.